Call for Agenda Items for Dec 1, 2020 TSC Meeting By Nezih Yigitbasi ·
Nominating Bin Fan as a Committer 14 messages By jamessun@... ·
Nominating Venki Korukanti as a Committer 11 messages By Nezih Yigitbasi ·
[Proposal] Adding a new top-level project in Presto on GitHub 3 messages By rongrong100@... ·
[Proposal] Adding presto-query-predictor as a new top-level project in Presto on GitHub By zluo@... ·
September Presto TSC Meeting Postponed By Gale McCommons ·
August Presto TSC Meeting By Gale McCommons ·
Nominating Tim Meehan as a Committer 13 messages By Nezih Yigitbasi ·
Discussions enabled now on prestodb/presto 2 messages By Chris Aniszczyk ·
Setting up a bot account for Presto release 4 messages By Leiqing Cai ·
About support for Presto UI with IE By Wenning Ding ·
Presto Foundation June TSC Meeting Cancelled By Gale McCommons ·
RFC: Presto Landscape By Chris Aniszczyk ·
Allowing external checks on Github PR 11 messages By Leiqing Cai ·
Presto TSC Occurrence Cancellation By Gale McCommons ·
about the Presto TSC meeting on Mar 10 2 messages By Nezih Yigitbasi ·
Adding new github admin 9 messages By rongrong100@... ·
Presto Update 7 messages By Gale McCommons ·
Proposal: Venki Korukanti as Uber representative for TSC 10 messages By Girish Baliga ·
Presto TSC Code of Conduct 6 messages By Gale McCommons ·
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