presto-tsc => presto-dev

Tim Meehan

Hi all,


tl;dr To better reflect the purpose and encourage more active discussion on technical matters, I’ve renamed the presto-tsc mailing list to presto-dev.  It was never a list pertaining only to the TSC, it is a list for the entire technical community to discuss the development of Presto


Emails to presto-tsc will now automatically be redirected to presto-dev.  Any URLs referencing the lists page also automatically redirect to presto-dev.


What sort of discussions do we want on presto-dev?


We want this list to be place where people discuss significant work on the project, questions on the status of any ongoing work, or concerns around the community and technical direction.  Here are some examples of emails I’d love to see more of:

  • Why is the default maximum page size set to X?
  • Proposal to introduce X to Presto’s built-in types


I’m excited looking forward to seeing more life in this list and more technical discussions. :-)