Call for nominations - TSC Elections - 2021

Tim Meehan

Hello all,


Tl;dr: we’re now accepting nominations for the next TSC class.  Please see the TSC README to see instructions on how you can submit a nomination to the TSC.


To begin with, I wanted to make an announcement that tsc#68 has been merged.  Just to summarize, the main changes to the TSC were:


  1. Most votes become lazy consensus votes.
  2. New committers now are voted in by TSC members, not the broad set of committers.
  3. TSC members now have term limits, with elections occurring every half year for roughly half the TSC.
  4. The new TSC group will consist of a smaller pool of individuals (7, rather than the current group of 15).


The idea behind these changes were to reduce friction points from participation among committers and TSC members, namely: removing the high burden of voting required to vote in new committers, allowing for lazy consensus for most votes, and reducing the TSC size to make it a smaller, focused and more agile group.


With these changes being accepted and merged, the time has now come to vote in our next set of TSC members.


The process will work as follows:


  1. Today, we start accepting nominations for TSC membership.  By current rules, TSC members must be committers.  The instructions are found on the README for the TSC, and have also been linked on the README for the main project.
  2. Nominations close on Thursday, November 4th, after which we’ll begin the process of voting via OpaVote.
  3. Voting closes on Thursday, November 11th, at which point we’ll have our new TSC class.


For details, please see the README above, and the TSC charter.


I’m looking forward for the upcoming TSC to help guide the technical project.