Nominate Chunxu Tang as Presto Committer


Hello Presto TSC members, 

I would like to nominate Chunxu Tang (github: as Presto Committer.  Chunxu has been contributing a lot to the Presto iceberg connector and router.  He is maintaining 3000+ presto nodes and he is the point of contact of PrestoDB in Twitter.  He also contributed the AI Query Predictor, which expanded the eco-system of presto and helped improve the utilization and stability of the multi-cluster of Presto.

Git stats 

- 58 commits

- 109k lines of addition

- 37 PR reviews, 120 comments



- Added the Presto Iceberg connector

- Added the Presto query predictor

- Added the Presto router

- Reviewed the Lark sheet connector

- Reviewed the Google sheet connector

- Reviewed all major Iceberg connector pull requests

Please reply to this email to vote. Thanks!


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