Preparation for discussion in the TSC meeting tomorrow

Brian Warner <bwarner@...>

Hi all,

I wanted to send out a note prior to tomorrow's TSC meeting because it looks like we'll have a lot of ground to cover on my agenda topics in particular.

I will introduce each topic thoroughly in the meeting, but if possible I'd recommend having a look through these PRs.  If you have comments, I can also attempt to address them prior to the meeting:

TSC repo: Update TSC members and policies/procedures #28
* In this PR, we've explicitly noted the TSC members, your affiliations, and your term.
* Also, the Technical Charter gives the TSC extensive freedom to set its own internal governance practices.  We've proposed a number of policies and procedures to help you get started.  If these align with your expectations, you can vote to adopt them and Nezih can land the patches.

TSC repo: Add a draft CoC (Contributor Covenant v1.4.1) #11
* Draft CoC, based upon the latest LF template
* Proposed to move to the .github repo once adopted, so that it replicates across the org

.github repo: Add initial default file #1
* Add a centralized file.  Removing any local files in other repos across the GitHub org will cause this to appear in that repo, instead.



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