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Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 4:02 PM
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Subject: [presto-dev] Nominate Nikhil as Presto Committer

Hi Presto TSC members,

I would like to nominate Nikhil Collooru (github ID: NikhilCollooru) as a Presto committer. Nikhil has been contributing to Presto for close to 3 years now. He worked in different areas and contributed to multiple modules. He has good knowledge in code related to metastore, file listing, split generation, split scheduling, hive writer, task lifecycle, etc. He actively reviews PRs and provide quality feedback.


Here are some detailed stats on his contribution:

- 98 commits

- 64k lines of addition, 52k lines of removal

- 69 PR reviews, 199 review comments


Some of his major contributions (in chronological order):

- Refactored and modularized presto-orc into an independent module

- Introduced versioned metastore partition caching

- Added support for reading manifest and avoid listFiles call in coordinator

- Improved SOFT_AFFINITY strategy to be more resilient to node downtime

- Added support for returning partial results

- Reduced the number of HdfsConfiguration copies and thereby reduce the coordinator CPU utilization


Please reply to this email to vote.





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