Presto Kubernetes Operator

Tim Meehan

Hello all,


Voting has concluded on accepting a donation of the Presto Kubernetes operator from Hemant Bhanawat the folks at Falarica/Yugabyte, who will be maintaining this code.  The repository is below:


I wanted to thank Hemant for this donation and I am excited for the possibilities it will bring to the Presto community.




From: presto-tsc-voting@... <presto-tsc-voting@...> on behalf of Tim Meehan via <>
Date: Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 1:51 PM
To: presto-tsc-voting@... <presto-tsc-voting@...>
Subject: [tsc-voting] Presto Kubernetes Operator

As I’ve discussed with many of you offline, some folks from Yugabyte have developed a very useful Kubernete operator.  They wish to donate this operator to the Presto Foundation. 


Given the importance and widespread usage of Kubernetes in many deployments, we would like to vote to accept this donation to the Presto Foundation.


I have created the mirrored repository here.  I also created the first pull request:


Please vote on the above pull request in the form of Pull Request approval/denial, which renames the operator to reflect its status as a standard Kubernetes operator from the Presto Foundation, and gives the original maintainers continued maintainership access to the repository.  From that point, the maintainers will continue the required renaming of old references to the prior repository, and begin to redirect people to the new repository in the Presto Foundation.


As a reminder, given the current TSC makeup, each TSC voting members has one vote per company.  Specifically, we will be looking for one vote

from Facebook, Twitter, and Alluxio.




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