Call for collaboration: Open Source Roadmap for H2 2021

Tim Meehan



As mentioned in the last TSC meeting, we would like to collaborate and share our plans for the upcoming half.  The steps are the following:


  1. (Now) Collect all planed contributions.  If you have project work that you plan to do in H2, please add it to the following Google doc:
  2. (Next TSC meeting). We can review this list of projects and have project POCs or representative from their company speak briefly about it at an upcoming TSC meeting.
  3. (By mid-July). All projects in this doc will be converted into Github issues by their POCs.  We’ll collect these issues into a Github milestone, and that is how we’ll publish the roadmap for H2.


I hope this process brings greater transparency to what we’re all working on, and encourages better collaboration by improving visibility into the projects we’re tracking.



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