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Dipti Borkar

I think folks may be a bit confused by the committer vs TSC member discussion.
My recommendation is to separate this into two different votes, committer first and TSC member second. The reason is the second is dependent on the first. 

Per the updated charter ( section 2.iii and 2.iv, there is separation from the TSC role and the Committer role. These are the relevant sections of the project charter:

Voting in a Committer 

“iii. A Contributor may become a Committer by a majority approval of the existing Committers....” 

Voting in a TSC member

"iv. A Committer by default is not a voting TSC member. An existing TSC voting member can nominate a Committer to be a TSC voting member, which will require approval from the majority of existing TSC voting members."

To clarify the role of the TSC, ( Charter Section 2:

“a) The TSC committee provides oversight to the technical direction of the project, which is the Committers, when issues arise.”

Hope this helps to clarify this. Perhaps Tim, as TSC Chair can confirm as well.

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-1 as committer 

On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 11:09 Biswapesh Chattopadhyay via <> wrote:
Big +1 as a nobody (feel free to ignore my vote) :-)

- Biswa.

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+1 for committer, specifically because of review contributions.  I agree with James that the number of personal contributions is less than usual.  However, the number and quality of reviews higher.  Both when he reviews my PRs, and when I review a contribution from someone else that he has already reviewed, I’ve found his reviews to be very insightful and thorough.  Code review is one of the main responsibilities for a committer, so I think the large number of reviews gives good signal.


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+1 for TSC member


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Subject: [presto-tsc] Nominating Ariel Weisberg


I would like to nominate Ariel Weisberg for both committer and TSC membership.

From the very first day working at Presto Ariel has been one of the most active members of the Presto open source community. He has made substantial contributions to establishing the Presto Foundation, defining community guidelines and building relations with other companies. Currently Ariel is also one of the most active Facebook engineers in the PrestoDB Slack who is actively engaging with the external Presto community by answering their questions, helping to resolve the issues they are facing, and connecting them with experts in a specific area if needed.

Ariel has reviewed 104 PR's with the total of 32109 LoC from 30 authors, 12 of which are external contributors from the community. Ariel provided code review and all required support to land Hive 3.0 integration, a large contribution from the community that had been a major blocker for broader Presto adoption.
Pull requests reviewed and accepted by Ariel meet the community standard. In those cases when Ariel didn't have enough context to provide a code review he has been able to identify area owners and loop them into the review process.

As his personal contributions Ariel:

  • Added support for more fine grained partitioning strategies to better handle skewed queries
  • Improved memory utilization reporting and memory limits enforcement
  • Optimized the memory footprint of RemoteExchangeOperator
  • Migrated CI from Travis to Github Actions when the project was blocked on Travis allowing us to save hundreds of thousands on CI and improving test runtime and stability
  • Restored the lost Docker containers used for product and integration testing and reenabled these tests on CI
  • Added the blog to the web site, solicited, edited, and reviewed many of the blog posts
  • Ensured the web site continues to run and deploy throughout various infrastructure changes
  • Maintained the GH organization memberships and permissions and other integrations

Please respond whether you support Ariel as a committer or a TSC member or both.


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