Conformance program working group

Tim Meehan



We would like to get started with a formation of a new working group under the technical charter of Presto.  The purpose of this working group is to guide the development and implementation of a conformance program which will aim to define what it is a conforming Presto implementation, develop an automated test suite to verify if a an implementation is truly in conformance, and creating a process for engines to verify their conformance.


To establish this, the working group will be meeting regularly, posting updates to the TSC on a regular basis, and meeting regularly to help define some of the goals listed above.  This working group will be available for anyone to attend.


I have attached a new template to get started with the formation of this working group.  This establishes how the working group will operate, and it requires an approval from voting members of the TSC.


Please leave any feedback you have for this template by requesting changes on the PR.  Once consensus is reached and it’s been approved, we’ll then proceed to collect nominations for a chair for the working group.  Then, once a chair has been elected from the nominees, the working group will commence and begin working on solving the problems outlined above.


In the meantime, a mailing list for this group has been created.  It’s available here:


If you’re interested in joining this effort and helping to solve the questions outlined above, please add yourself to this list.  It’s also not necessary to be a member of the TSC—anyone may join.


Thank you




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