Updates to CONTRIBUTING.md

Brian Warner <bwarner@...>

Presto TSC,

I wanted to let you know that I'm about to submit PRs to update the CONTRIBUTING.md file in the following repos:
  • benchto
  • docker-images
  • f8-2019-demo
  • presto
  • presto-go-client
  • presto-hadoop-apache2
  • presto-maven-plugin
  • presto-pinot-driver
  • presto-python-client
  • presto-spark-core
  • prestodb
  • RPresto
  • testing-mysql-server
In each case, the change will remove the reference to the Facebook CLA, and replace it with instructions relevant to the CLA tool used by Presto Foundation.

During the last meeting, we discussed having a default CONTRIBUTING.md file in the prestodb/.github repo.  This is a temporary measure until we define the contents of that file.  At that point, maintainers can make the call whether to keep a separate CONTRIBUTING.md file in a repo, or to remove the local version and use the default.

I'll be pushing branches and submitting PRs shortly.  If you have any questions, please let me know.



Brian Warner
The Linux Foundation
+1 724 301-6171

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