Nominating Shixuan and Jiexi as new committers


Dear committers,
Rongrong, Wenlei, and I had a discussion on having more committers. We are thinking nominating Shixuan and Jiexi. Shixuan and Jiexi have been working on Presto for more than 2 years. They have shown solid coding and reviewing capability. My personal experience is we don't need many review iterations to have these two folks in the right shape. Let us know if there is any objection.

From the Slack channel, Rebecca also supports Shixuan as a committer.

Here are some stats for these two:
git log --author="Shixuan Fan" --oneline
Area: grouped execution
90 commits  9,314 ++  2,683 --

git log --author="Jiexi Lin" --oneline
Area: Raptor
62 commits  8,175 ++  2,160 --



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