Re: Nominating James Petty as new committer

Tim Meehan



From: presto-tsc@... <presto-tsc@...> on behalf of Shixuan Fan via <>
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 4:58 PM
To: presto-tsc@... <presto-tsc@...>
Subject: [presto-tsc] Nominating James Petty as new committer

Hi TSC members,


I'd like to nominate James Petty as a committer. James has been working on Presto for a little over 2 years, first as part of the AWS Athena team and now as a member of the EMR performance team. Some of his contribution highlights include:

* Reducing sources of lock contention throughout the engine (prestodb#15509, prestodb#15477)

* Reducing coordinator heap pressure from Glue metastore partitions (prestodb#15389)

* Various bug fixes, including a fix for a long standing accounting issue with memory revoking (prestodb#15569)

* Implementing spill to disk compression and encryption (prestodb#12617)

* making query result GZIP compression configurable (prestodb#15393)

The full list of his commits can be found here:

Per the TSC charter "A Contributor may become a Committer by a majority approval of the existing Committers.", therefore, each TSC member has one vote to cast. Please reply with +1/-1 if you approve/disapprove onboarding James as a committer. 




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