Re: Nominating Beinan Wang as new committer


Thank you. We have 8 votes which should be a majority. Per our charter, let's welcome Beinan as our newest committer!

Gale: could you please help add Beinan to the relevant mailing lists and groups?


On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 1:09 PM Dipti Borkar <dipti@...> wrote:
+1 (non-binding) 

Beinan has been very helpful on the community and Presto foundation side - with presentations on higher level introductions to Presto as well as deeper tech talk sessions. In addition, he has been very helpful with PR reviews on connectors as well as answering user questions and troubleshooting on slack and other community channels. 

Thank you Beinan! 

- Dipti

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thanks for Beinan’s contribution!


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Subject: [presto-tsc] Nominating Beinan Wang as new committer


Hi TSC members,


I'd like to nominate Beinan Wang as a committer. Beinan has been working on Presto for 2+ years. Some of his contributions highlights:

  • Presto Google Cloud Storage(GCS) connector with authentication and authorization
  • Presto Druid connector with aggregation pushdowns
  • bug fixes and support for Parquet and dereference pushdown in Presto

Here are Beinan's whole commits:


Beinan has supported production Presto clusters at Twitter for 2+ years. He is also active in presentations and talks, including:

Per the TSC charter "A Contributor may become a Committer by a majority approval of the existing Committers.", therefore, each TSC member has one vote to cast. Please reply with +1/-1 if you approve/disapprove onboarding Beinan as a committer. 




Bin Fan from phone

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