Nominating Beinan Wang as new committer


Hi TSC members,

I'd like to nominate Beinan Wang as a committer. Beinan has been working on Presto for 2+ years. Some of his contributions highlights:
  • Presto Google Cloud Storage(GCS) connector with authentication and authorization
  • Presto Druid connector with aggregation pushdowns
  • bug fixes and support for Parquet and dereference pushdown in Presto
Here are Beinan's whole commits:

Beinan has supported production Presto clusters at Twitter for 2+ years. He is also active in presentations and talks, including:
Per the TSC charter "A Contributor may become a Committer by a majority approval of the existing Committers.", therefore, each TSC member has one vote to cast. Please reply with +1/-1 if you approve/disapprove onboarding Beinan as a committer. 


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