GSOC 2021

Nezih Yigitbasi

Hey folks, 
Google Summer of Code is approaching, and it would be great if we can have some project proposals out there. If you have any project ideas, please put together a project proposal and Gale (our program manager) will help submit that proposal. The proposal can be about adding new features, connectors, UI improvements, perf improvements, etc. anything that you think of that can be useful for Presto. There will be mentorship needed while the students work on these projects, so some time investment will be needed (probably a few hours per week). There is a great GSOC mentor guide which you can take a look here for more info.

As additional examples. here is the CNCF template & some example projects that can give you an idea. Similarly, here is GraphQL's application from GSOC 2020. Applications are open Jan 29 - Feb 19. 


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