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Maria Basmanova

I expect committers to have substantial expertise on a subset of core parts of the engine. The verifier scope is quite limited and having committer with expertise in just that area is of limited value. Furthermore, I expect to-be-committers to have a track record of providing quality reviews and approving PRs such that existing committers don’t need to review the code and can trust the to-be-committers approval. In other words, I’d expect to see existing committers delegating code reviews to to-be-committers on a regular basis. I don’t see evidence of that.




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Subject: Re: [Potential Spoof] Re: [presto-tsc] Nominating Leiqing as new committer


Of course committers should be able to provide high quality code reviews. Personally I found Leiqing's review on my PRs related to SQL function very valuable, even though he was not as familiar with the topic yet. Here are some example PRs:

Here's his recent review on verifier related PR, which is more in his domain of expertise:

Does this resolve your concerns?





On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 1:08 PM Masha Basmanova <mbasmanova@...> wrote:

My impression was that it was a requirement that committers demonstrate solid skill in providing high quality code reviews. Do you have evidence of that for Leiqing or is this not a requirement?




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Subject: [Potential Spoof] Re: [presto-tsc] Nominating Leiqing as new committer


+1 for making Leiqing as a committer. I was originally thinking making him an incubating committer as well.


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Subject: [presto-tsc] Nominating Leiqing as new committer


I want to nominate Leiqing (github: caithagoras) as a committer for Presto. Leiqing started working on Presto about 2 years ago. Recently he has become an expert in release verification and led the effort on improving verifier and release process. He has contributed 128 commits so far. Here's stats from Github:

129 commits  20,597 ++  10,766 --

Please voice your opinions and cast your vote by end of this week (Friday 11/22/19).


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