Nominating Bin Fan as a Committer


Dear TSC members,


Bin Fan from Alluxio has been contributing to Presto community in the past 10 months. Here, I nominate Bin as a committer with supporting docs listed below. Per the TSC charter "A Contributor may become a Committer by a majority approval of the existing Committers.", therefore, each TSC member has one vote to cast. Please reply with +1/-1 if you approve/disapprove onboarding Bin as a committer.



===== Bin's contributions to the Presto Community =====

Merged Pull Requests to Presto Source Code:


Major contribution:

Other pull requests:

Presto related tutorial or blogs:

Presto related public presentations:

Community service:

  • Presto outreach committee (2020)
  • Assisting users on Presto slack channels


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