Re: Nominating Venki Korukanti as a Committer


Personally, I would love to observe at least another larger PR to show Venki is ready for committership. The major reason behind is due to the design on and These two PRs to me feel a bit more design flaws.






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Hey everyone,

Venki (GitHub handle: vkorukanti) has been contributing to the PrestoDB community as a probationary committer since Feb. Here is a highlight of his contributions:

- Commits:  31 commits  8,778 ++  802 --
- Major features
        - vectorized parquet reader
        - nested column project and filter pushdown for Parquet (in collaboration with Zhenxiao @ Twitter)
- Bug fixes in various areas: planning, execution, and subfield pushdown
- Community
        - code reviews and helping users with Parquet/Hive related issues
        - Presto meetup talk (Oct 17, 2019)
        - Encouraging and providing guidance to Uber Presto/Data team members to contribute to PrestoDB and helps the community grow

Per the TSC charter "A Contributor may become a Committer by a majority approval of the existing Committers.", therefore, each TSC member has one vote to cast. Please reply with +1/-1 if you approve/disapprove onboarding Venki as a committer.


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