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Our current plan is to use Java. We decided to go with Java rather than C++ because it’s easier to integrate with presto coordinator and java APIs for metadata are well supported while c++ APIs are lacking.


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do you plan to use Java or C++ for this new project?




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Subject: [presto-tsc] [Proposal] Adding a new top-level project in Presto on GitHub


As part of the modernization effort in Facebook, we want to develop a new parser front end. The goals for this new project includes:

* SQL16 compliance

* New language extensions for rich types, streaming, graph process, etc.

* Fully resolved AST

* AST rewriter framework and optimizations

* Fully compatible with current presto-parser


We think a stand-alone project is better because we want to push this to be a more general SQL standard for other SQL-based query processing frameworks as well. But this will still be under the presto org as a Presto Foundation project and we want to ensure this is fully compatible with existing Presto grammar. Please reply if you have any questions or concerns on this project.





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