📣 October 2021 Presto Community Updates


Hi all! We hope you’re well. 

Sharing some curated Presto community updates this October. 

The big news is that PrestoCon is coming up and registration is now open! Please stay tuned for more information around the conference in the near future. Till then, check out this and other awesome Community happenings. Thanks!

Community Updates and Announcements

Presto wins InfoWorld’s 2021 Bossie Awards! Presto has been recognized as best open source software! The Bossie Awards recognize the year’s best open source software for software development, devops, data analytics, and machine learning.

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Yes! 🎉 PrestoCon is coming! We’re excited to announce that PrestoCon is on the way and will be held on December 9th. Please register today.  Registration and more here.

Presto at OSA Con 2021 - Nov. 2 Please join us for these following talks: 

"Open Data Lakes with Presto, Apache Hudi & AWS Glue and S3" presented by Vinoth Chandar, Apache Hudi, Roy Hasson, AWS, and Dipti Borkar, Ahana.   

And, "The Future of Open Source Analytic Databases" Tim Meehan, Chairperson of the Presto Foundation TSC & Software Engineer at Facebook is participating in this panel discussion. 

Register here.

Blogs and such...

Connecting to Presto with Superset

Check out this blog which will provide you with an understanding of how to connect Superset to Presto. 

Hands-On Presto Tutorial: Presto 104

Part 4 of our getting started with Presto series is now available. In part 1, we showed you how to install & configure Presto locally. In part 2, we covered to run a 3-node prestodb cluster on a laptop. In part 3 we covered Presto on GCP using VM instances and GKE containers.

Slides Available from OspoCon 2021 - Presto - Today and Beyond - The Open Source SQL Engine for Querying all Data Lakes

If you missed the event, presentation slides from Tim Meehan, Chairperson of the Presto Foundation TSC & Software Engineer at Facebook, & Dipti Borkar, Chairperson of Presto Foundation Outreach Committee are now available. Check out the slides here. 

Open Source Presto Releases & Features ⬆️

We had a great start to the month with release 0.263, the top features of the month are: 

Add support to perform heapDump on exceeded memory limit failures which supports an ability to trigger a heap dump in exceeded_memory_limit failure cases. This will greatly improve debugging experiences around query OOMs. Shout out to Arjun Gupta pgupta2 for contribution!

Implement key-based sampling in the planner with this feature enabled, Presto traverses the plan for the query and samples the first integer or string key found. This helps users to get a sense of the results for queries which are running on large datasets that keep failing/running for a long time/timing out. Thanks, Sreeni Viswanadha kaikalur for the contribution!

Thanks so much for your continued support! We hope you enjoyed these updates. See you in the Slack channel. prestodb.slack.com



Sr. Community Manager for Presto, Ahana