Tonight! 👉 Invitation to tonight's Presto Tech Talks: Presto + Pinot by Uber & AWS Lake Formation by Ahana


Join us for tonight's Meetup! 🎉Details below: 

Talk 1: Real Time Analytics at Uber with Presto-Pinot

In this talk, seasoned engineers at Uber will walk through the real time analytics use cases at Uber and the work they have done on the Presto architecture and the Presto-Pinot connector to address them.




Ankit Sultana, Senior Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber

Christina Li, Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber

Dharak Kharod, Former Software Engineer at Uber


Talk 2: Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation


AWS Lake Formation is a service that allows data platform users to set up a secure data lake in days. Creating a data lake with Presto and AWS Lake Formation is as simple as defining data sources and what data access and security policies you want to apply. In this talk, Wen will walk through the recently announced AWS Lake Formation and Ahana integration. He’ll cover the following:


- Quick overview of AWS Lake Formation & Ahana Cloud

- The details of the integration

- How data platform teams can seamlessly integrate Presto natively

with AWS Glue, AWS Lake Formation and AWS S3 through a demo

Please head over to the reg page to sign up and see you shortly!

Sr. Community Manager for Presto at Ahana