🎉January 2022 - Presto Community Updates


Hi all.

Hope your the New Year is off to a great start for you! Here are Presto Community updates for January. I'm particularly stoked for the Meetup next week, so I hope you'll join us. Read on for details and the full scope of updates. :) 

⭐️ Community Events

Join us for two tech talks from expert developers who use Presto at scale. Check out this lineup and sign up to attend!  

Talk 1: Real Time Analytics at Uber with Presto-Pinot



  • Ankit Sultana, Senior Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber
  • Christina Li, Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber
  • Dharak Kharod, Former Software Engineer at Uber


Talk 2: Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation

Speaker: Wen Phan, Principal Product Manager at Ahana

Full details and to sign up head here


⭐️ Open Source Presto Releases & Features ⬆️

We’re excited to start off the year with the release of 0.268!

 The top features of the month are:

  1. Support hive built-in scalar function #16737 (Author: zhaoyulong)
    With the help of this feature, Presto allows you to use the same scalar functions that are available in your Hive deployment.

  2. Support consistent hashing in soft affinity node selection strategy #17115 (Author: Rongrong Zhong) This feature adds support to use consistent hashing as a hash strategy when affinity scheduling is used.

The Presto Foundation was made aware of the recently disclosed vulnerabilities related to the open-source Apache “Log4j2” utility and we'd like to give a huge thanks to Jinlin Zhang and Costin for their active contribution to this issue. 

Thanks for being part of the Presto Community!


Sr. Community Manager for Presto at Ahana