PrestoCon Registration open! Grab your Early Bird passes now 🎉

Presto Foundation Community Team

Hey Presto Community!
The Presto Foundation Outreach Team is excited to share that registration is now open for our first-ever in person event, PrestoCon Join us Dec 7-8 in Mountain View, CA at the Computer History Museum for 2 days of all things Presto.
PrestoCon will be a great opportunity to meet with Presto committers and engineers as well as users in the community. We'll have a full day of technical and user sessions, plus a training the day before (details coming soon!)
Early bird pricing is on now! You can register at
Our CFP is also open. If you're using Presto today and want to share more about your use case, we'd love to have you submit a CFP:
Looking forward to hopefully seeing many of you in December!

-The Presto Community Team

Calling all Presto Community, we want to hear from you! Take the Presto User Survey!!

Rohan Pednekar

Hello, Presto-Users
Recently, we re-designed and re-launched the Presto website 🚀 and today we would like to invite you all to provide your feedback on Presto OSS. 
This survey will support us in shaping our Presto community experience, and product roadmap, and help us to make it even better! ✌
Please spare some short spanned attention of yours to fill this form - your answers will help a lot! and as a thank you, we will send you a Presto Swag Pack with t-shirts, stickers, etc.
The survey will take ~3-4 minutes to complete. Your privacy is important to us, and your response will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you for your support. 🙏
Rohan Pednekar
Presto Project Contributor, @Presto Foundation
Senior Product Manager, @Ahana Cloud 

Upcoming Presto virtual tech talk feat. Bytedance, new site!

Presto Foundation Community Team

Hey Presto community 👋
Wanted to share two exciting updates. First is we have a virtual Presto tech talk coming up on Aug 29th, topic is Apache Hudi for Presto and how it's used at Bytedance. RSVP at 
Second is we have a brand new website! Head on over to and check it out 👍 We've made it easier to navigate and get started with Presto. We're also building out our Powered By Presto page - if you're a Presto user and want to showcase your use case, drop us a note and we'll get you featured!

The Presto Community Team

PrestoCon Day is in 2 days - free registration, sessions from Meta, Uber, Bytedance, Tencent and more

Presto Foundation Community Team

Hey Presto community 👋
PrestoCon Day is this Thursday! We're excited to host a fully virtual, free community event by the Presto community for the Presto community.
We have a great agenda including sessions from Uber, Tencent, Meta, Bytedance, Blinkit, Apache Hudi and many more. You'll learn more about the open source Presto project and how companies of all sizes are using Presto for fast and reliable SQL for data analytics and the open lakehouse.

Registration is FREE:

And even if you can't attend live, if you register you'll get a link to all the on-demand recordings. We hope to see you there!
The Presto Community Team

Virtual Presto Tech Talk this Thurs | PrestoCon Day Agenda is up

Presto Foundation Community Team

Hey Presto community -

We hope you can attend tomorrow's Virtual Meetup with the Apache Hudi folks! Vinoth and Ethan will be talking about how to optimize your table layout using Apache Hudi to unlock *stellar* Presto performance. RSVP at

Also excited to share that the PrestoCon Day agenda is now up! Great lineup of speakers including Meta, Uber, Bytedance, Tencent, Blinkit, Apache Hudi and a ton more. As a reminder this is a fully virtual free conference created by the Presto community for the Presto community 👍 Register at 

See you soon!

The Presto Community Outreach Team


⭐️ Announcing PrestoCon Day on July 21 - CFP open!

Presto Foundation Community Team

Hey Presto Community 👋’

We’re excited to share that PrestoCon Day is coming up on July 21!


It’s a free, fully virtual event organized by the Presto Community for the Presto Community, and we’d ❤️ to hear from you. If you’re using Presto today or want to share anything you’ve built with Presto, we encourage you to share your story and submit a CFP:

📣 Virtual Presto Tech Talk: Delta Lake Connector for Presto | Tuesday, May 24 at 9am PT

Hope you can join us for the Presto virtual tech talk next week where Denny Lee from the Delta Lake project will share more details about the new native Delta Lake connector for Presto!



The Presto Community Outreach Team


Huang James


🎉 Recordings Available from Jan. 27th Presto Tech Talks


Hi all.

The recordings from the Presto Tech Talks held on January 27th are now available. Enjoy!

👉 Real Time Analytics at Uber with Presto - Pinot

👉 Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation

-The Presto Community Team



Tonight! 👉 Invitation to tonight's Presto Tech Talks: Presto + Pinot by Uber & AWS Lake Formation by Ahana


Join us for tonight's Meetup! 🎉Details below: 

Talk 1: Real Time Analytics at Uber with Presto-Pinot

In this talk, seasoned engineers at Uber will walk through the real time analytics use cases at Uber and the work they have done on the Presto architecture and the Presto-Pinot connector to address them.




Ankit Sultana, Senior Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber

Christina Li, Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber

Dharak Kharod, Former Software Engineer at Uber


Talk 2: Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation


AWS Lake Formation is a service that allows data platform users to set up a secure data lake in days. Creating a data lake with Presto and AWS Lake Formation is as simple as defining data sources and what data access and security policies you want to apply. In this talk, Wen will walk through the recently announced AWS Lake Formation and Ahana integration. He’ll cover the following:


- Quick overview of AWS Lake Formation & Ahana Cloud

- The details of the integration

- How data platform teams can seamlessly integrate Presto natively

with AWS Glue, AWS Lake Formation and AWS S3 through a demo

Please head over to the reg page to sign up and see you shortly!

Sr. Community Manager for Presto at Ahana

🎉January 2022 - Presto Community Updates


Hi all.

Hope your the New Year is off to a great start for you! Here are Presto Community updates for January. I'm particularly stoked for the Meetup next week, so I hope you'll join us. Read on for details and the full scope of updates. :) 

⭐️ Community Events

Join us for two tech talks from expert developers who use Presto at scale. Check out this lineup and sign up to attend!  

Talk 1: Real Time Analytics at Uber with Presto-Pinot



  • Ankit Sultana, Senior Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber
  • Christina Li, Software Engineer @ Real Time Analytics team at Uber
  • Dharak Kharod, Former Software Engineer at Uber


Talk 2: Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation

Speaker: Wen Phan, Principal Product Manager at Ahana

Full details and to sign up head here


⭐️ Open Source Presto Releases & Features ⬆️

We’re excited to start off the year with the release of 0.268!

 The top features of the month are:

  1. Support hive built-in scalar function #16737 (Author: zhaoyulong)
    With the help of this feature, Presto allows you to use the same scalar functions that are available in your Hive deployment.

  2. Support consistent hashing in soft affinity node selection strategy #17115 (Author: Rongrong Zhong) This feature adds support to use consistent hashing as a hash strategy when affinity scheduling is used.

The Presto Foundation was made aware of the recently disclosed vulnerabilities related to the open-source Apache “Log4j2” utility and we'd like to give a huge thanks to Jinlin Zhang and Costin for their active contribution to this issue. 

Thanks for being part of the Presto Community!


Sr. Community Manager for Presto at Ahana

Jan 27 - Presto Tech Talks: Presto + Pinot talk & Presto + AWS Lake Formation



Please join us on January 27th for a Presto Meetup featuring the following presentations: 

  • Real Time Analytics at Uber with Presto-Pinot from the Real Time Analytics team at Uber
  • Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation from the team at Ahana
Sign up here ➡️ 

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel 🔔 to be notified when the recording is published, should the time/date not work for you. 

Take good care!

Sr. Community Manager for Presto at Ahana

🎊 Happy Holidays from The Presto Community - December 2021 Community Update


Hi all. Here are the Presto Community Updates for December 2021!

PrestoCon Recap 👏

Though PrestoCon has ended over a week ago, we’re still buzzing from the experience of coming together as a community and sharing our diverse set of technical skills, best practices and use cases around using Presto.

To view the sessions offered at PrestoCon, head over to the playlist.

We're proud to have been awarded the Gold Diversity and Inclusion Award from the CHAOSS project, a nod to the attention given to ensuring diverse representation was prioritized. 

Be sure to join us on Slack to stay informed about the next PrestoCon, and sign up to The Presto Meetup Community to join us for upcoming Meetups!

Presto Software Releases

What a great way to end a successful year with PrestoCon as well as two new releases with these awesome features:

Weighted Split Scheduling 

This feature adds support for scheduling splits to workers based on a computed weight for each split instead of split count. There no behavior changes when splits are sized appropriately but when the hive connector is processing small files, the worker split queues are allowed to be deeper to compensate which significantly improves performance

🤩 Another great contribution from James Petty!

 Google Sheet Connector 

The Google Sheets connector allows reading Google Sheets spreadsheets as tables in Presto

Shout out to Chen Liang for his contribution!

Add support for reading LZ4 and ZSTD-compresed parquet data 

Now users can use ZSTD which is a more efficient compression mechanism and with this feature enabled, users can read the LZ4 and ZSTD data from Presto and gain significant reduction in storage size over SNAPPY and GZIP. 

🤩 Shout out to Xinli Shang for adding this great feature!

 Support Caching with the Iceberg connector 

Starting 0.266, users can enable caching with Iceberg connector

🤩 Great contribution from maobaolong for Apache Iceberg users.

Community Content

Recordings are available from recent events. Enjoy at your leisure!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays! 🎊See you in 2022. 

Patricia Dugan

Sr. Community Manager for Presto at Ahana


👉 Don't Miss FREE and Virtual PrestoCon on December 9th!



We’d like to remind you that PrestoCon is only a couple of days away! It’ll be held on December 9th, is free and is virtual. The conference is composed of awesome sessions from developers to help you leverage Presto to the fullest, plus there will be a DJ and an artist to allow you to have your virtual caricature drawn! 🎨

Here’s more information and registration: 

See you there. 


Sr. Community Manager at Ahana

🎉 Community Updates + PrestoCon is Next Week!


Hello all. Here are some great community updates I'd like to share with you. 

PrestoCon, FREE & Virtual, December 9

🥳 PrestoCon is next week and we’re excited to see you there! The schedule has an awesome lineup of speakers. If you haven't checked the event out yet, please do and sign up to join! There are plenty of chances to win swag and cool prizes for all who register, so don’t miss out. 

Open Source Presto Releases & Features

 Community Contributor Shoutout 🤩

Blogs and such...


December 15, 5p PT

Presto Meetup - Shanghai (Presented in Chinese)

Presto TechTalk with Bytedance and Meta

Check out the Meetup page for details on these talks. Sure to be awesome!



Sr. Community Manager for Presto, Ahana

📣 November 10th: Presto TechTalk with Bytedance (TikTok), Twitter and Tabular


Hello Presto Community! 

I thought I’d share this upcoming Virtual Meetup with you, it’ll be held on November 10th at 9a PT. Here's who will be presenting—such an epic line up! Please sign up and join us - there will be time for Q & A.  

Talk 1: Presto at TikTok - Hive UDF Wrapper for Presto

Speaker: Pengfei Chang, Software Engineer

Talk 2: Presto and Apache Iceberg - Building out Modern Open Data Lakes


Chunxu Tang, Sr. Software Engineer at Twitter

Daniel Weeks, Co-Founder, Tabular and Co-creator of Apache Iceberg 

Looking forward to you joining us. Sign up here: 

See you on the Slack channel.


Sr. Community Manager for Presto, Ahana

📣 October 2021 Presto Community Updates


Hi all! We hope you’re well. 

Sharing some curated Presto community updates this October. 

The big news is that PrestoCon is coming up and registration is now open! Please stay tuned for more information around the conference in the near future. Till then, check out this and other awesome Community happenings. Thanks!

Community Updates and Announcements

Presto wins InfoWorld’s 2021 Bossie Awards! Presto has been recognized as best open source software! The Bossie Awards recognize the year’s best open source software for software development, devops, data analytics, and machine learning.

Care to share with your social networks? We’d really appreciate that! Here are the links for a quick RT and share. 


Yes! 🎉 PrestoCon is coming! We’re excited to announce that PrestoCon is on the way and will be held on December 9th. Please register today.  Registration and more here.

Presto at OSA Con 2021 - Nov. 2 Please join us for these following talks: 

"Open Data Lakes with Presto, Apache Hudi & AWS Glue and S3" presented by Vinoth Chandar, Apache Hudi, Roy Hasson, AWS, and Dipti Borkar, Ahana.   

And, "The Future of Open Source Analytic Databases" Tim Meehan, Chairperson of the Presto Foundation TSC & Software Engineer at Facebook is participating in this panel discussion. 

Register here.

Blogs and such...

Connecting to Presto with Superset

Check out this blog which will provide you with an understanding of how to connect Superset to Presto. 

Hands-On Presto Tutorial: Presto 104

Part 4 of our getting started with Presto series is now available. In part 1, we showed you how to install & configure Presto locally. In part 2, we covered to run a 3-node prestodb cluster on a laptop. In part 3 we covered Presto on GCP using VM instances and GKE containers.

Slides Available from OspoCon 2021 - Presto - Today and Beyond - The Open Source SQL Engine for Querying all Data Lakes

If you missed the event, presentation slides from Tim Meehan, Chairperson of the Presto Foundation TSC & Software Engineer at Facebook, & Dipti Borkar, Chairperson of Presto Foundation Outreach Committee are now available. Check out the slides here. 

Open Source Presto Releases & Features ⬆️

We had a great start to the month with release 0.263, the top features of the month are: 

Add support to perform heapDump on exceeded memory limit failures which supports an ability to trigger a heap dump in exceeded_memory_limit failure cases. This will greatly improve debugging experiences around query OOMs. Shout out to Arjun Gupta pgupta2 for contribution!

Implement key-based sampling in the planner with this feature enabled, Presto traverses the plan for the query and samples the first integer or string key found. This helps users to get a sense of the results for queries which are running on large datasets that keep failing/running for a long time/timing out. Thanks, Sreeni Viswanadha kaikalur for the contribution!

Thanks so much for your continued support! We hope you enjoyed these updates. See you in the Slack channel.



Sr. Community Manager for Presto, Ahana

PrestoCon is here - Dec 9th - 🎉 CFP is Open Now!



We are excited to announce that PrestoCon, a virtual event, will be held on December 9th and the CFP is now open! Mark your calendars and join companies like Facebook, Uber and Twitter who are using Presto at massive scale in sharing your use case and learnings with the Presto Community. 


Dates to Remember:

  • CFP Closes: Friday, October 22 at 11:59 pm PST

  • CFP Notifications: Friday, November 5

  • Schedule Announcement: Tuesday, November 9

  • Slide Due Date: Monday, November 29

  • Event Dates: Thursday, December 9

For full details of the CFP such as tracks and topics visit 👉 


Registration will open soon! Stay tuned.


Have questions? Join us on Slack.


Look forward to seeing you there 😀


The Presto Community Team


Re: Presto - Hive connector - Unable to query the data from hdfs encryption zones


Hi Team,

Could you please share an update if we have any ways to query data from hdfs encyption zones. 


Presto - Hive connector - Unable to query the data from hdfs encryption zones


Hi Team,


We did the presto setup (version – 0.253) on one coordinator (master node), 7  worker nodes (data nodes) and presto CLI on the edge node of the Cloudera CDH cluster – 6.2.1.


We are able to run the presto queries against the data present in Hadoop via hive connector.


We are getting the below issue when running the queries against the data present in hdfs encryption zones (Key Trustee KMS) – Data at rest.


Failed: Error opening the Hive split hdfs://<path>: No KeyProvider is configured, cannot access an encrypted file.

Caused by No KeyProvider is configured, cannot access an encrypted file.


Could not find the relevant property in the hive connector section of the Presto documentation. (could this be a limitation.. I doubt).


Could you please let me know if you come across this problem and solutions in any of your implementations.


Appreciate your inputs and happy to get connected and discuss in details.


Thank you in advance..




PrestoCon Day ☀️ - On demand recordings ▶️

Presto Foundation Community Team

 Presto Community, 
Thank you to you, our speakers & panelists for a wonderful PrestoCon Day, hosted by the Linux Foundation and Presto Foundation. The on-demand recordings are available for you.
Lots of great sessions on the innovations only in or coming to only Presto (PrestoDB). 

1 - 20 of 23