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Welcome to the Prestodb community update mailer! We look forward to sharing news in the Presto community like meetups and events, blogs, project innovation, and more.

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Next Virtual Presto TechTalk - Friday, Jan 29 at 9:30am PT


We’re kicking off our 2021 Meetup series with a talk on how to secure Presto with Apache Ranger and a talk on how to optimize repartitioning in Presto. We hope you can join us!

By the way, we’re organizing Presto meetup groups around the globe. If you’re local to any of these areas, we encourage you to join -





Office Hours - Friday, Jan 29 at 10:30am PT

We’re hosting our first Presto online office hours on Slack ( right after the meetup! Join the channel and get some Q&A with Presto engineers - 


See the 2020 recap of Presto and everything we accomplished as a community:

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